What Are Your Skills?
(Article Contributed By Marie, of Sex Story Text - Posted on July 18th, 2016)

There are times when I just love wet weekends. While some may think that wet weekends are almost a waste of time I seem to be able to get a heap of work done on those weekends when only crazy people venture out of the house.

This weekend just gone was one of those weekends. Not only did I get a heap of client work done but we both had time to work on our own projects and some of those really got pushed along. I was almost sad to see the sun come up this morning but then, it's Monday so I'm going to get even more work done today.

While I was working on one of our projects yesterday I got to thinking about what my skillset is ... all the things that I'm good at. After being online for 20 years I have to say that I have quite an impressive list of skills but not all of them are useful anymore.

For example, I can write beautiful HTML using nothing but Notepad and there was a time, when we first started online, that writing your own code was about the only way to build a website so it was something that I mastered. Of course these days, even if you don't want to use a content management system, there are plenty of free and premium HTML editors so who needs to write code by hand?

There are other skills that I have mastered that are of not much use to me anymore and then there are skills that I have that are current but I have yet to master. I'm OK at them but I could certainly be a lot better ... but finding the time to master them is hard because there are new things popping up all the time.

So I make do with what I know. I don't have time to increase my skills in those areas because I'm always rushing to try and learn whatever the latest thing is. Is that how you are? Do you have sufficient knowledge to get by with most of the skills that you need to survive in this industry but can't really claim to be a true master of any one of them.

I know that it can be particularly hard to master anything if you're working by yourself because you don't have time to focus on just a couple of skills ... you've got to be able to be proficient in them all if you want to survive and grow.

But then are you really growing your business or are you a bit like someone who is swimming against the current. As long as the current isn't too strong that swimmer might maintain their position for a while ... they might even make some headway ... but eventually they will grow weary and the current will push them back.

Does that seem like a reasonable analogy for where you are right now?

In his book, "6 Months to 6 Figures", Peter Voogd suggests that these days it's almost impossible to master anything and yet that is exactly what we have to do if we want to succeed.

He suggests that if you're trying to keep up with everything you will very quickly drown in information overload. You will become overwhelmed with the torrent of information that is raining down on us all the time and it's human nature to look for distractions when we become overwhelmed.

Distractions ... bright new shiny objects ... the latest mind-numbing games ... how are you doing with that little list? Does that sound all too familiar? If that does sound all too familiar, then it's time you stopped that mad rush to try and know something about everything and started focusing on the fundamentals.

What are the core things that you need to know ... that you need to do ... that need your focused attention ... to move your business forward? What are the things that are not fundamental to your success ... what are the things that you can pass to others to do for you?

Sure, they might be important but are they really fundamental to your success? Could someone else ... someone who has mastered those less important things ... do a better job for you than you can?

Peter Voogd suggests that if you really want to succeed and grow your business ... your income ... your life ... then it's time look at what you are really good at doing and grow those skills while you let others take care of the things you are not so good at.

It makes a lot of sense.

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