Think and Check - It Can Save Your Business
(Article Contributed By Marie, of Sex Story Text - Posted on September 13th, 2016)

It's only Tuesday and already I have enough stories of people doing really dumb things this week to fill a small book.

It's hard to believe that people do such dumb things but they do and perhaps the one that really takes the prize, not just for this week but probably for the entire year, was the business that ran a major online campaign last weekend.

Even though this business is mainstream there are some serious lessons to be learned here for webmasters in adult too.

The first lesson to be learned is to think ahead and think beyond the end of your nose. The people who run this mainstream company do not reside in the United States but they have a range of products that sell well over there.

They decided that their sales needed a bit of a boost so they decided to run a major campaign over the weekend that has just gone. That's the weekend that includes 9/11 but, even though their biggest market is the US, that date didn't ring any alarm bells with them.

They didn't stop to think that there are just some weekends in the US where it's a waste of time to run major campaigns ... they thought locally even though they were targeting something a little more global.

At times when people may be busy doing other things ... or are in a more reflective mood rather than a buying frenzy ... it's harder to get them interested in spending money. So you need to be aware of what's happening in the markets that you're targeting.

Despite the fact that their timing was off they still managed to get 1.4 million views of a short video that they ran on YouTube and Facebook. 1.4 million views ... man what could you do with that!

You should be able to make a fortune selling any product that got that many views ... or you could make hardly anything if you didn't take the time to check the sales path you set up ... and they didn't bother to check that path.

The video ended with a link to their Facebook store which in turn was linked to their e-commerce site on one of the major e-commerce platforms and you might be forgiven for thinking that should not have been a problem.

However, the product the business was selling came in two versions. There was an inexpensive version that included a couple of units and a more expensive option that included a bulk supply of what they were selling and, sadly for this business owner, that bulk supply was the only option that the e-commerce platform would allow the Facebook shop to link to.

So the video obviously attracted a lot of people who were interested in buying the product but who wants to buy a bulk supply of something that they have never tried before?

Not me and not you ... and not most of those 1.4 million people who looked at the video. In fact, 1.4 million views turned into just 47 sales. How can you turn 1.4 million views into just 47 sales?

Well, a good way to start is not to check the sales path will take viewers and turn them into buyers. If the people behind this business had checked the sales path from start to finish they would have seen where it was leading and known that there was a major problem that had to be overcome before launching the campaign.

You should also make sure that your future is not tied to an e-commerce platform that locks you into a path that is beneficial to them while not being so good for you. In this case it was obvious that the commissions and charges the platform could inflict on the business were much higher if people bought the bulk option ... so why bother showing the cheaper option?

And know what is happening in your market place. There's no point launching a major campaign at a time when people don't want to buy or are so focused on other things that they won't notice your advertising.

It's quite possible that this business has just taken a body blow that it may never recover from. They burned a lot of resources on a campaign that was doomed from the start ... a campaign that might have been a lot more successful if only they had taken the time to think and check.

So how often do you stop to think your way through a campaign from start to finish? How often do you just get a great idea and run with it without thinking things through?

And how often do you check your sales path to make sure that there is nothing getting in the way of you making those sales that you need to stay in business?

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