Where Are You Wasting Time?
(Article Contributed By Marie, of Sex Story Text - Posted on September 29th, 2016)

Time is one of those things that most adult webmasters never have enough of ... and we know it.

We complain loudly that there are never enough hours in the day for us to get everything done that we want to do. We always want more time and yet, despite the fact that we know how valuable our time is, we waste so much of it.

Now I like to think that I make good use of my time ... I need to because there is so much to do when I'm constantly building websites for clients as well as building and maintaining websites for myself ... but even I waste some of my precious time.

That was brought home to me the other day when a client called me so many times in one day to tell me information about his business that just wasn't important and could have been saved till the end of the day and given to me in just one phone call ... or better still, in just one email.

Before I finally managed to stop him calling me I took a few moments to estimate just how much of my time he was actually wasting.

There were five phone calls and each lasted for an average of six minutes. After he called each time I then had to find my way back to what I was doing before he called and regain my focus on that work and that took me about another three minutes.

So each time he called I lost nine minutes and that came to a total of 45 minutes of lost time. Time when I achieved nothing ... time that was totally wasted and produced no income ... time that amounted to almost an hour taken out of my work day.

That then got me thinking about what other time I might have been wasting and when I added up all the times I gave in to distractions or just had to check my email ... even though I wasn't expecting anything important ... I found that there was at least another hour each day when I wasn't being productive.

Of course I could have added even more time to those wasted hours if I had taken into account the time I took for regular breaks. Some might see that time as just time spent goofing off but the fact is that we do need to take regular breaks so I don't see that "goofing off" time as a waste at all.

But there was at least 2 hours that day when I thought I was working ... I thought I was being productive and adding to my bottom line ... when in reality I was doing nothing but wasting time.

Sure, I'm not going to have a client ringing me five times a day every day so I won't be wasting that much time every day but there's still at least an hour every day when I'm not doing anything productive and, when I calculated the amount of time I was wasting every month, the result just took my breath away.

If I work five days a week and waste an hour a day that works out to be 20 hours a month that's totally wasted. 2.5 days every month I do absolutely nothing even though I think that I'm working hard!

I expect that most of you work a whole lot harder and longer than I do; most adult webmasters I know work seven days a week for 12 or more hours every day. So how much time are you losing every month because you have lots of little things in your day that are really nothing but time wasters?

What are the things that you do that make you think that you are busy and yet you're doing nothing?

Perhaps the biggest time waster of all is sitting right in front of you as you work ... and as you read this. Laptops are great for when you're traveling or when you want to do some extra stuff while you're sitting in front of the television but, when you come to serious work, they are a total time waster.

Don't believe me? Not many people do until they try this little test. If you're trying to run your online business on a laptop, then count the number of times each day that you drop one screen to bring another one up so you can get or copy some information before you go back to the original screen.

Now work out how much time it takes you to perform that simple operation ... you will be surprised at how much time it actually does take. It may look like just a few seconds but seconds add up.

Now multiply the time that it took you to go through the process by the number of times every day you go through that process and then multiply that by the number of days you work every month.

If you were working on a desktop with two screens you wouldn't be wasting any of that time.

And that's just one of the things that you can do to save time. If you take an honest look at everything you do in a day you may just find that you're not half as productive as you thought you were and the reality is that you're wasting a lot more time than you realized.

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