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Without our great staff here at PornResource the site would be bare and stale. So take a moment of your time to check out the great people behind the scenes here at PornResource to get a little more background on them and what they do. If you wish to join the staff we are ALWAYS looking for more help and creative people so drop us a note at hawg (at) with what you had in mind and we will get right back to you!

Owner Profile: BossHawg

Author Bio: The one and only "BossHawg". Porn Resource is my baby, and I hope you enjoy all the information presented within. I love feedback so if you have any, feel free to contact me by email or ICQ. We want PR to be your #1 stop everyday
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Owner Profile: Dirt-E

Author Bio: 5 year industry veteran, who helps coordinate creative ideas behind Porn Resource. Always looking for feedback positive or negative on how to improve our products.
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Feature Writer: Dino

Author Bio: Hailing from the UK, Dino got his start in Porn through our very own back in 2001. Since then he's used his commerical journalistic experience to write articles on just about any adult online subject you care to name - and then some! As well as his writing, he is an extremely proficient designer specializing in paysite, print and DVD cover design. This pimp can do it all!
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Feature Writer: Marie

Author Bio: Marie has been in the industry since 1998 and has experience in free sites, galleries and paysites. Much of her time now is taken up with writing erotic stories, press releases, blog entries and anything that needs words. She shares her vast knowledge with daily articles for you to read here at Porn Resource.
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Author Name
Articles Written
Aaron 17
Albert Dewey 2
Andrew 19
Anthony J. Comparetto 1
Arg 1
Augman 1
AzDVSl 1
Backov 3
Brad Gosse 1
Brad Mitchell 6
Brian 1
Brooke 1
CJ 5
Cyber-Fantasy 6
Dirtypainter 1
DMN-David 1
Dragon 2
Eatapeach 33
Erik 12
Faith 1
Falcon 4
Fencer 0
Fresh 1
Greg 6
Jason Hong 3
Jayson Jon 6
Jeff Mecca 0
JeriB 3
Jerry Sievers 2
JJ 1
Juice 1
Kemp 16
Kid Red 1
Lexxx 3
Mark Conrad 2
Masked Man 1
Mike Ridler 1
Newbe-One 1
Peter Bui 1
PhotoGregg 4
Pitbull 1
PlanB 1
PythonPaul 1
Robin 1
Ronnie 3
Ryan 2
Script 1
SEMaster 1
Stephen 15
Stephen Yagielowicz 1
Steve Jawbs 1
Steven Carlson 4
Studio 1
Surfn 3
TDavid 18
Thaddeus Mass 2
Tian 0
Turf 1
Wazdom 2
YoYo 9

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