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Author Bio: 5 year industry veteran, who helps coordinate creative ideas behind Porn Resource. Always looking for feedback positive or negative on how to improve our products.

Article Count: 19
Date Posted
Article Title
07-10-2001 Dirt-E's Internext Convention Recap
03-10-2001 Review of Adult Submission Places
03-01-2001 A Look at AdultChecks Recent Discussion on Policies...
01-13-2001 Dirt-E's IA2K Convention Recap
11-20-2000 AdultDex Convention Report by Dirt-E
11-11-2000 Sponsor Review - Insite Adult
10-04-2000 Sponsor Review: FetishCash
09-28-2000 Dirt-E's IA2K Convention Recap
08-04-2000 Sponsor Review: AdWealth
07-14-2000 Sponsor Review: FilthyCash
06-05-2000 Dirt-E's Convention Ramblings
05-10-2000 Sponsor Review: Prime Cash
05-09-2000 PornResource Conversion Ratios
05-02-2000 Sponsor Review:Intergal
04-26-2000 Sponsor Review: GammaCash
04-17-2000 Sponsor Review:SIC Cash
04-14-2000 Sponsor Review:SmartBucks Plus
03-02-2000 AVS Scripts Reviewed
02-29-2000 SponsorReview - MaxCash

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