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Author Bio: Marie has been in the industry since 1998 and has experience in free sites, galleries and paysites. Much of her time now is taken up with writing erotic stories, press releases, blog entries and anything that needs words. She shares her vast knowledge with daily articles for you to read here at Porn Resource.

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09-29-2016 Where Are You Wasting Time?
09-20-2016 Are You Rusted On to Your Plan?
09-13-2016 Think and Check - It Can Save Your Business
09-02-2016 You Need More Speed
08-22-2016 Risk and Reward
08-15-2016 The Secret to Making More Money
08-08-2016 Some Lessons from Instagram / Snapchat
08-01-2016 Are You Getting Much Done?
07-25-2016 Still Learning Lessons
07-18-2016 What Are Your Skills?
07-12-2016 Are You Staying in Touch?
07-01-2016 Web Hosting ... it can make or break your business
06-25-2016 The Figures Behind Cheap Trials
06-20-2016 Sometimes You Just Have To Do It
06-13-2016 When Time is Suddenly Short
06-07-2016 What's Holding You Back?
05-27-2016 How to Avoid Your Biggest Threat
05-23-2016 Don't Be Timid
05-16-2016 Give Up Chasing Work
05-09-2016 Conferences Are Like a Box of Chocolates
04-26-2016 What an Interesting Month
04-19-2016 It's All About Planning
04-11-2016 Do You Want to Stay in the Game 2?
04-04-2016 Do You Want to Stay in the Game?
03-30-2016 Goals and Comparisons
03-21-2016 Making Old New Again
03-14-2016 I Love the Smell of Hacking in the Morning
03-07-2016 How to Scare Yourself into Getting Things Done
02-23-2016 Understanding Yourself and Your Market
02-16-2016 What Do You Do?
02-09-2016 Mission Impossible?
02-01-2016 Are You Protected?
01-25-2016 A Message from Karma - Don't be a Dick!
01-18-2016 There's Ugly and Then There's REALLY Ugly
01-11-2016 Hosting
01-05-2016 Not the Best Start
12-22-2015 What's Up With Your Business?
12-14-2015 What is Holding You Back?
12-07-2015 Are You Really Making Money?
12-01-2015 Are You Doing What Everyone Else Does?
11-25-2015 Who Are You?
11-18-2015 Words – They Are Important
11-11-2015 What's Holding Up the Workflow?
11-02-2015 Lessons to be Learned From Some Very Hard Men
10-27-2015 Robots Are Taking Over at Google
10-20-2015 Are You Making the Best Use of Your Time?
10-13-2015 Does Anybody Ever Listen?
10-06-2015 When Disaster Strikes Will You Survive?
09-29-2015 So How is Your Year Going?
09-23-2015 Playing the Long Game
09-16-2015 As Few Words as Possible
09-07-2015 The Confusion of Color
08-25-2015 Do You Really Value Your Time?
08-19-2015 Windows 10, I Was Only Flirting
08-10-2015 Lost in Our Own Little World
08-04-2015 You Want Windows 10? Really?
07-29-2015 How to Make a Positive Change
07-23-2015 This and That
07-14-2015 Playing it Safe is Not an Option
07-06-2015 What if No One Saw Your Ads?
06-23-2015 Ignorance is Not Bliss
06-18-2015 Where Are You?
06-09-2015 What Aren't You Seeing?
06-02-2015 Hacking, Page Speed and Words
05-27-2015 Are You Chasing an Internet Myth?
05-19-2015 Are You Reinventing the Wheel?
05-14-2015 Are You Standing Still?
05-08-2015 Are You Flogging a Dead Horse?
04-27-2015 Thinking of Moving?
04-21-2015 The end is coming
04-16-2015 More of Google in Our Future
04-07-2015 What's Holding You Back?
03-26-2015 Look Outside for Ideas
03-18-2015 Take Time to Plan Before You Fail
03-11-2015 What Universe are you in?
03-04-2015 Have You Become Complacent About Download Speed?
02-26-2015 Dream Big and Go Big
02-19-2015 Passwords, Leaving People Behind
02-11-2015 Planning Big With Old Technology
02-02-2015 It Could Have Destroyed My Business
01-27-2015 Too Much of a Good Thing
01-21-2015 Why Not?
01-14-2015 How Often do We ...?
01-05-2015 The Start of a New Year
12-24-2014 The History of Stupidity
12-17-2014 Note to Newbies
12-12-2014 Google in the Decline
12-04-2014 Take Time to do What?
11-27-2014 Why Are You Working Alone?
11-19-2014 What Have You Got to Lose
11-12-2014 What Comes Next?
11-05-2014 You've Got To Do More
10-29-2014 What if? and oh Shit!
10-21-2014 Take Action
10-14-2014 What Are You Doing ...
10-07-2014 Master or Slave?
09-24-2014 Agility ... Have You Got It?
09-17-2014 There's More to Life
09-10-2014 A Change is as Good as a Holiday
09-04-2014 Are You Doing Enough With Our Advertising?
08-28-2014 Is Our Image Improving?
08-19-2014 Always Start With The End in Mind
08-12-2014 Are You Behind the Times?
08-05-2014 Have you lost sight of your goals?
07-29-2014 Placement - Are There Better Options?
07-23-2014 Plan to Succeed
07-17-2014 Managing a Crisis.
07-06-2014 What is Your SPOF?
06-29-2014 Thinking of the Future
06-17-2014 What is Your USP?
06-11-2014 How to Find More Hours in Every Day
06-02-2014 Is the Love Affair Over ...
05-28-2014 Four Hard Lessons You Need to Learn
05-21-2014 Are You Trying Too Hard
05-12-2014 Pricing ... it can get weird
05-07-2014 When the Wheels Fall Off
04-24-2014 Time to Get Back to Work
04-19-2014 WordPress, Tablets and a Time Sucking Monster
04-10-2014 Dealing With Down Time
04-02-2014 Success is in the Planning
03-24-2014 Moving is Such Fun
03-17-2014 And You Thought It Was Going to be Easy?
03-12-2014 Take A Long Look Around
03-05-2014 What's Your Ultimate End Game?
02-24-2014 Do More Than Just Stay in Touch
02-20-2014 Are You Playing the Blame Game?
02-10-2014 Singing the Monday Blues
02-04-2014 Do You Have a Plan?
01-29-2014 Can You Believe Them?
01-21-2014 Google Applies the Axe
01-13-2014 A Matter of Trust
01-06-2014 Same Old Same Old
12-26-2013 When Is It Too Much
12-19-2013 Did I Miss the Memo?
12-10-2013 What Do You Do?
12-03-2013 Dream Your Own Dreams
11-29-2013 Some Words That Work
11-20-2013 There's No Future in Free
11-14-2013 It's Not Just Hardcore Pictures
11-05-2013 When Things Don't Seem to be Working
10-29-2013 So What's The Difference
10-22-2013 Be Prepared
10-15-2013 Getting Stuff Done
10-08-2013 Struggling to Make Your Marketing Happen?
09-25-2013 Do You Really Want to Succeed?
09-16-2013 Lessons from a Bitch Slapping
09-09-2013 How Relevant Are Your Ads
09-03-2013 When the Bogeyman Comes Calling
08-27-2013 Have You Got the Guts?
08-21-2013 Oh Damn the Net's Down!
08-12-2013 Distractions - It's Time to Get Rid of Them
08-07-2013 Three Reasons to Stop Working ...
07-23-2013 Some Interesting Facts and Figures
07-17-2013 Making an Effort to Survive
07-08-2013 Time - Turning it to Your Advantage.
07-01-2013 A Brain Dead Monday
06-25-2013 Don't Miss Your Chances
06-13-2013 Let's Revisit Image Size
06-08-2013 A Partnership For Growth
06-05-2013 Stupid Is as Stupid Does
05-29-2013 Do You List Adult Services?
05-20-2013 The Perfect Sales Page
05-12-2013 Three Ways to Succeed in Adult
05-07-2013 Flipping the Money Switch
04-29-2013 Crumby Hosts and Bright Ideas
04-22-2013 Where to From Here?
04-16-2013 It's Time to Stop and Think
04-08-2013 What is Too Much?
03-26-2013 Sometimes It's the Little Things
03-20-2013 Tools and Apps
03-13-2013 A Timely Reminder
03-05-2013 A Lot to Be Grateful
02-26-2013 Podcasting, Data and Procrastination
02-18-2013 It Never Rains But it Pours
02-13-2013 Mobile - How Do We Do It?
02-06-2013 Google Wants to Know Who You Really Are
01-29-2013 Surviving Natural Disasters
01-22-2013 What is Your Strategy?
01-13-2013 Are You Really Living the Dream?
01-08-2013 Know the Rules
12-24-2012 Aiming Big
12-17-2012 Never Be Content
12-12-2012 On The Edge... That's Where the Money It
12-04-2012 Making Money from Curiosity
11-28-2012 Reaching Out to Your Surfers
11-20-2012 Time and Mainstream Perceptions
11-12-2012 A Makeover?
11-05-2012 Some Design Thoughts
10-24-2012 Are You Making Dumb Mistakes?
10-15-2012 Winning Through the Tough Times
10-09-2012 Of This and That
10-01-2012 So What?
09-25-2012 Housekeeping Your Websites
09-18-2012 The Most Valuable Time for Your Business
09-10-2012 Crossing the Dividing Lines
09-04-2012 50 Shades of Brain Dead
08-27-2012 It's Time to Dream Big
08-21-2012 Beware ... Brain Storm in Progress
08-14-2012 Using Space Wisely
08-07-2012 How is Your Headspace?
07-30-2012 Some More Useful Links
07-23-2012 Random Monday Thoughts
07-19-2012 Calm or Crazy?
07-09-2012 Hooray it's Monday
06-26-2012 Click Here - the Craziness Never Ends
06-18-2012 More Tough Times Ahead?
06-12-2012 What If
06-05-2012 Marketing on the Small Screen
05-29-2012 It Makes You Wonder
05-21-2012 Business Plans and Bullshit
05-14-2012 Scary Facts and Figures
05-08-2012 Getting Back to SEO Basics
04-25-2012 What of the Future?
04-16-2012 Web Design Thoughts
04-10-2012 Adult Web Design for Beginners ... it's not Entertainment
04-02-2012 More About Links
03-27-2012 Keeping Up to Date
03-19-2012 Taking Care of Business
03-12-2012 Biting the Bullet
03-06-2012 Are You Ready?
02-28-2012 What Are Your Images Doing For You?
02-20-2012 Tales from the Street
02-06-2012 Resolutions, Browsers and More
01-23-2012 Getting Inside Their Heads
01-17-2012 Planning to Survive
01-09-2012 Headlines and Creeping Jobs
01-02-2012 What Are You Planning for 2012?
12-27-2011 Thinking About Marketing - Less is More
12-19-2011 More Things We Tend to Forget
12-12-2011 I Told You So
12-06-2011 Two Things We Tend to Forget
11-28-2011 Cab Fare or Big Bucks?
11-21-2011 Suck it up Princess
11-14-2011 Of This and That
11-06-2011 Push The Limits
10-25-2011 Of This and That
10-17-2011 The Wrong Way to Behave
10-10-2011 Steady Cash Flow Graph or Your Epitaph
10-03-2011 Leave Your Prejucides at the Door
09-26-2011 Lessons I Learned Last Week
09-19-2011 Let's Look at Screen Resolutions
09-12-2011 Bing ... it does things differently
09-05-2011 Protecting Yourself
08-22-2011 Specific Action Labels
08-15-2011 Time Well-Spent
08-08-2011 Survival Tips
08-01-2011 Three Things to Play With
07-27-2011 Even More Challenges to Face
07-19-2011 Good Advice from Google
07-12-2011 Thoughts from the Weekend
06-29-2011 This Business Is All About Hard Work
06-27-2011 Help! My Traffic and Sales are Disappearing
06-24-2011 TGIF
06-22-2011 Hosting Disaster - a tale of woe and despair
06-20-2011 Monday Madness
06-17-2011 Don't Ignore the Haters
06-15-2011 We're Still Too Slow for Google
06-13-2011 Designing for Mobile Part 4
06-10-2011 Designing for Mobile Part 3
06-08-2011 Designing for Mobile Part 2
06-06-2011 Designing for Mobile Part 1
06-04-2011 The Importance of "Me Time"
06-03-2011 Boredom Leads to Failure
06-01-2011 Tool Time Part 2
05-30-2011 Tool Time Part 1
05-27-2011 Dot Points? Maybe Not
05-25-2011 Wednesday Search Engine Wanderings
05-23-2011 A Mad Woman's Breakfast of Ideas
05-20-2011 It's All About Persuasion
05-18-2011 It's Not What You Say ...
05-16-2011 Take Responsibility
05-13-2011 Newbie Tips for the Adult Industry Part 6
05-10-2011 Newbie Tips for the Adult Industry Part 5
05-09-2011 Newbie Tips for the Adult Industry Part 4
05-06-2011 Newbie Tips for the Adult Industry Part 3
05-04-2011 Newbie Tips for the Adult Industry Part 2
05-02-2011 Newbie Tips for the Adult Industry Part 1
04-29-2011 It's Time to Get Serious
04-27-2011 A Mid-Week Mix
04-25-2011 Crazy Facts or Great Opportunities?
04-22-2011 How Much Does it Cost You?
04-20-2011 You Don't Have to Do Everything
04-18-2011 Building Credible Web Sites and Stuff
04-15-2011 Just a Friendly Reminder
04-13-2011 Setting Yourself Up To Fail
04-11-2011 Odd Monday Thoughts
04-08-2011 Planning for a Project
04-06-2011 Ahoy Captain!
04-04-2011 The Marketing Secret You Need to Know
04-01-2011 What a Waste!
03-30-2011 What Time Is It?
03-28-2011 Using Your Resources Wisely
03-25-2011 It's Not the Time to Quit
03-23-2011 The Power of Marketing
03-21-2011 A Delusional Fantasy
03-18-2011 Four Must Have Plugins for WordPress
03-16-2011 Traffic Dropping Unexpectedly?
03-14-2011 This and That on a Monday
03-11-2011 Look Beyond the End of Your Nose
03-08-2011 Is It Time to Move On?
03-07-2011 Browsers and Resolutions
03-04-2011 Who Are You Relying On?
03-02-2011 Sometimes You Have to Admit Defeat
02-28-2011 Odd Monday Thoughts
02-25-2011 Assassination by Implication
02-23-2011 Ranking Signals – Is It Worth the Effort?
02-21-2011 Another Way to Make Money with Google?
02-18-2011 TGIF 2
02-16-2011 Can You Afford Not To?
02-14-2011 Spamming Google – Google May Never Catch You
02-11-2011 It's Not a Numbers Game
02-09-2011 Facts About Sex
02-07-2011 Chaos at Google
02-04-2011 TGIF
02-02-2011 Headlines – More Than You Might Think
01-31-2011 Domain Names – Trash or Treasure?
01-28-2011 Let These Numbers Be a Challenge
01-26-2011 Letting Things Go
01-24-2011 No and Bullshit!
01-21-2011 It's All About Design
01-19-2011 I Wish You a Challenging Week
01-17-2011 Rules – Hindrance or Help
01-14-2011 Odd Thoughts for the Weekend
01-12-2011 Do You Plan to Survive?
01-10-2011 Time to Change the Way You Think?
01-07-2011 I Don't Want to Work Today
01-05-2011 This and That on a Wednesday
01-03-2011 Tidying Up and a Blekko Warning
12-31-2010 This and That At The End of 2010
12-29-2010 Setting Goals For Growth
12-27-2010 To Survive You Need to Be Prepared
12-24-2010 Odd Holiday Thoughts
12-22-2010 Predictions for the New Year
12-20-2010 Bringing Old Sites Back to Life
12-17-2010 A Brain Dump Kind of Day
12-15-2010 It's Not the Time For Quitting
12-13-2010 An Interesting New Content Management System
12-10-2010 Step Back From Your Computer
12-08-2010 A Drag That Can Save You Money
12-06-2010 This and That on a Monday
12-03-2010 Signs of Desperation and Stupidity
12-01-2010 Some Adult Online Trivia
11-29-2010 Who Are We Talking To?
11-26-2010 Are You Really in Control?
11-24-2010 It's Smart to Work Smarter Rather Than Harder
11-22-2010 A Look at Internet Explorer 9
11-19-2010 What Is Your Measure of Success?
11-18-2010 This and That on a Wednesday
11-15-2010 Expand Your Horizons
11-12-2010 The Future as Google Sees It
11-10-2010 Something New From Google
11-08-2010 Social Networking Thoughts
11-05-2010 Some Design Thoughts
11-03-2010 Are Images Your Friend?
11-01-2010 Is This What Google Is Aiming For
10-29-2010 Click Fraud and Other Things
10-27-2010 Size, Algorithms and Links
10-25-2010 Some More Interesting Tools
10-22-2010 Tools ... useful tools not human tools
10-20-2010 Share porn videos and get outed
10-18-2010 Some Challenging Data on Human Sexuality
10-15-2010 A Call to Action
10-13-2010 TLDs and a Useful WordPress Plugin
10-11-2010 Browsers and Screen Resolutions
10-08-2010 TGIF
10-06-2010 What Selling Hamburgers Has to Teach Us
10-04-2010 Survival – it's more than ability
10-01-2010 Somber Thoughts
09-29-2010 Planning and Dirty Words
09-27-2010 Lessons From Last Week
09-24-2010 A Sales Refresher
09-22-2010 Do We Really Listen Anymore?
09-20-2010 A Monday Mix
09-17-2010 This and That on a Friday
09-15-2010 It's All About Survival
09-13-2010 The Art of Persuasion with Colors
09-10-2010 The Way of the Future
09-08-2010 Moving Forward or Crying Like a Baby?
09-06-2010 Has the Perfect Storm Arrived?
09-03-2010 Where is Your Head Right Now Part 2?
09-01-2010 Where is Your Head Right Now?
08-30-2010 Pushing Through
08-27-2010 The Need to Think Things Through
08-25-2010 What Makes Content Unique?
08-23-2010 Thinking – a Dangerous Pastime
08-20-2010 Catching Their Attention
08-18-2010 Interesting Online Marketing Data
08-16-2010 Monday Stuff
08-13-2010 Some Helpful Links
08-11-2010 Web Design and Credit Cards
08-10-2010 How do You Make Decisions?
08-06-2010 This and That on a Crazy Friday
08-04-2010 Email Conversion Rates – worth the hassle?
08-02-2010 User Experience – A Real Conundrum
07-30-2010 Unique Selling Points and Other Things
07-28-2010 Go Hard or Go Home
07-26-2010 Keeping it Simple
07-23-2010 Take a Break and Learn About Marketing
07-21-2010 Are You Stuck in the Past?
07-19-2010 Telling Themselves Your Story
07-16-2010 This and That on a Friday
07-14-2010 So You Want to Make a Million Bucks?
07-12-2010 Writing ... It's More Than Just Words
07-09-2010 Repeating the Obvious
07-07-2010 The Top of the Heap
07-05-2010 It's Time to Expand
07-02-2010 Description Tags – Don't Ignore Them
06-30-2010 It's Time to Broaden Your Horizons
06-28-2010 The .xxx TLD Returns and Future Marketing
06-25-2010 This and That on a Friday
06-23-2010 Looking Ahead
06-21-2010 Understanding Users
06-16-2010 No I'm Not a CSS Evangalist but ...
06-14-2010 What the iPad Means for Web Designers
06-11-2010 A Friday Brain Dump
06-09-2010 Hot Off the Press
06-08-2010 Schedules and Other Odd Things
06-07-2010 This and That on a Monday
06-04-2010 A Scary Friday Thought
06-02-2010 Say No to Being a Lemming
05-31-2010 Knowledge is Power
05-28-2010 The Secret to Success
05-26-2010 Tours and Referrer Strings
05-24-2010 Are You Making an Effort?
05-21-2010 Your Online Fingerprint Gives You Away
05-19-2010 Boredom on a Plane
05-17-2010 Preconceived Ideas V Reality
05-15-2010 Don't Get Stuck in a Rut
05-12-2010 Hump Day Doodling
05-10-2010 Reaching Out for Newbies
05-07-2010 Cheap Outsourcing ... I'm Over It
05-05-2010 New DNS and a New Marketing Technique
05-03-2010 Security Issues
04-30-2010 Idle Thoughts
04-28-2010 Has the Marketplace Become More Sophisticated?
04-23-2010 How do You Choose?
04-22-2010 Are You Wasting Your Traffic?
04-21-2010 Don't Hide Away Here in Adult
04-19-2010 Playing Russian Roulette
04-16-2010 This and That on a Friday
04-14-2010 It's Not Always the Hosting Company's Fault
04-12-2010 Changes Can Be As Good As Holidays
04-09-2010 Think Beyond Being Just an Affiliate
04-08-2010 Adult Cell Phone Marketing Brain Dump
04-05-2010 Searching with Intent
04-02-2010 The Buck Stops Here
03-31-2010 Know Your Goals and You Will Succeed
03-29-2010 Making Money on Twitter
03-26-2010 Ever Thought of Expanding Your Business?
03-24-2010 A Head Full of Information
03-22-2010 Learn From Your Mistakes
03-19-2010 Another Webmaster Passes
03-17-2010 Hump Day Thoughts
03-15-2010 Some Thoughts on Banners
03-12-2010 This and That on a Friday
03-10-2010 So Much Drama and It's Only Wednesday
03-08-2010 The More Things Change
03-05-2010 Engaging Your Surfers
03-03-2010 Succeeding With an Erotic Story Site
03-01-2010 Keep The Message Simple
02-26-2010 Analyzing Site Data
02-24-2010 Anything But Work
02-22-2010 How Many Signups Should I Get
02-19-2010 Is It Really the L A W?
02-17-2010 What You Say Never Goes Away
02-15-2010 Tracking Down Relevant Keyword Phrases
02-12-2010 This and That on a Friday
02-10-2010 Do It Now!
02-08-2010 Ah Crap!!!
02-05-2010 When Does it All Become Too Much?
02-03-2010 Surviving Interesting Times
02-01-2010 Trolls and Other Opportunities
01-29-2010 How Time Flies!
01-27-2010 Rewards and Dangers
01-25-2010 Building for the Average Person
01-22-2010 Look to China for the Future
01-20-2010 A Depressing Time of the Year
01-18-2010 Mastercard and the Need for Speed Revisited
01-15-2010 Do I Look Like an Idiot?
01-13-2010 Everything Old is New Again
01-11-2010 3D Adult Content
01-08-2010 Poor SEO Decisions and Loading Speed
01-06-2010 AdWords Is It Really All About Location?
01-04-2010 More than Winter Chills in the Air
01-01-2010 Success is All About Momentum
07-22-2009 It's Never too Late to Blog
09-29-2006 Of This and That
09-28-2006 Stay Off the Radar
09-27-2006 Paid and Organic Search Engine Marketing
09-26-2006 Take the Challenge and Don’t Waste Time
09-25-2006 Dieting and Porn
09-22-2006 Keywords and Domain Names
09-21-2006 Some Things Make You Wonder
09-20-2006 Another Change in the Way We Do Business?
09-19-2006 The Things You Learn When You’re Bored
09-18-2006 You Too Can Build an Authority Site
09-16-2006 The Gospel According to Matt Cutts
09-14-2006 Computer Health
09-13-2006 Stand on Your Desk
09-12-2006 Let’s Talk Blogging Again
09-11-2006 Sexbaiting and PT Barnum
09-07-2006 SEOs Are Hackers and Criminals
09-06-2006 OK So Maybe I’m a Luddite
09-05-2006 Don’t Become a Gollum
09-04-2006 Some Nasty Interaction
09-01-2006 Search Engine Confusion
08-31-2006 Another Period of Transition
08-30-2006 What’s Working and What’s Not
08-29-2006 Never Say Never
08-28-2006 This and That
08-24-2006 Looking for Marketing Hooks?
08-23-2006 Left, Right or Center?
08-22-2006 Giving Up Your Customers
08-21-2006 Building the Link Love
08-17-2006 Keeping the Customer Satisfied
08-16-2006 Coming Ready or Not
08-15-2006 The World is Really Beginning to Scare Me
08-14-2006 Gaining Authority Status
08-10-2006 Contemplating Web Design
08-09-2006 Basic Webmaster Equipment
08-08-2006 Site Maps and Other Things
08-07-2006 Something About Google I Like
08-04-2006 I’m Back but the Lights Aren’t
08-03-2006 We’re Never Going to Win
08-02-2006 Just One Click from Goodbye
08-01-2006 I Need to Listen to Myself
07-31-2006 It’s Tool Time!
07-28-2006 How Not to Look Silly
07-27-2006 Shooting Content Could be a Crime
07-26-2006 Today it’s All About Crime
07-25-2006 What Are You in Business For?
07-24-2006 A Peek into Google
07-21-2006 Thank God It’s Friday Once More
07-20-2006 Want to Make a Million Bucks?
07-19-2006 Five Ways to Fail Miserably in Adult
07-17-2006 Would You Believe It?
07-14-2006 Bloggers and Spammers
07-13-2006 You Have to Spend Money to Make It
07-12-2006 Sometimes I Could Just Scream
07-11-2006 Writer’s Block
07-10-2006 How to Succeed as a Writer
07-07-2006 Web Page Design for Older Surfers - Part 2
07-06-2006 Web Page Design for Older Surfers
07-05-2006 Sell Them What They Want
07-04-2006 Wrinkles in Paid Search
07-03-2006 Submission Tips for Newbies
06-30-2006 This and That on a Friday
06-29-2006 What Are Surfers Looking At?
06-28-2006 Idle Thoughts on Web Design and Marketing
06-27-2006 An End to Blogging?
06-26-2006 Mileages Vary
06-23-2006 Google is Really Tempting Me to Say It
06-22-2006 … But It Shouldn’t Take Long
06-21-2006 Have a Holiday, Promote Something Different
06-20-2006 Is Big Daddy a Big Mess?
06-19-2006 Are Email Newsletters Dead in Web 2.0?
06-15-2006 I Wonder
06-14-2006 Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk
06-13-2006 Marketing Lessons from Today
06-12-2006 At Last the Cat is Out of the Bag
06-09-2006 So You Want to Start Your Own Paysite?
06-07-2006 SEO Continues to Evolve
06-06-2006 Perhaps I Should Go With the Flow
06-05-2006 Content is No Longer King
06-02-2006 Google and Firefox
06-01-2006 So What Are Ya?
05-31-2006 Playing the Long Game
05-30-2006 Finding Ideas in Unusual Places
05-29-2006 Conversion Rates Are Down
05-25-2006 The End of Search?
05-24-2006 This Business Becomes More Interesting Every Day
05-23-2006 A Cure if you’re Feeling Brain Dead
05-22-2006 Business Fundamentals
05-19-2006 A Change in Plans
05-18-2006 Another Interesting Productivity Tool
05-17-2006 I’m Listening to Oscar Petersen
05-16-2006 Google’s Trendy New Tool
05-15-2006 The Stress of Working for Yourself
05-11-2006 Just Call Me a Cynic
05-10-2006 Reading and Reacting
05-09-2006 Trespassing for Fifty Cents
05-08-2006 It’s Becoming More Like Hard Work
05-05-2006 A Lesson from History
05-03-2006 Today Just Sucks
05-02-2006 Coping with Information Overload – Part 2
05-01-2006 Coping with Information Overload
04-28-2006 Winding Myself Up for the Weekend
04-27-2006 The Big Ad
04-26-2006 As Clear As Mud
04-25-2006 Mainstream Emulating Adult? Tell me it Ain’t So!
04-24-2006 A Sign of Maturity?
04-21-2006 A Life Filled With Excitement
04-20-2006 Don’t Make Assumptions
04-19-2006 Some Idle Thoughts
04-18-2006 It Sucks to be Young
04-17-2006 Websites or Individual Pages?
04-14-2006 A Very Different Friday Morning
04-13-2006 Want to Increase Your Sales?
04-12-2006 The Importance of Being Number One
04-11-2006 Basing This Business on Trust
04-10-2006 This Week is off to a Great Start
04-07-2006 I Need to Get a Life
04-06-2006 The Annoying Splash Page
04-05-2006 Another Nail in the Coffin of PPC
04-04-2006 Your Chance to Look Deep Inside Google
04-03-2006 A Grumpy Monday
03-31-2006 An Interesting Week
03-30-2006 It’s Time to Buy a Clue
03-29-2006 This is Serious Business
03-28-2006 So What Should I Do?
03-27-2006 The Days of Our SEO Lives
03-23-2006 Some Days the Wheels Just Fall Off
03-22-2006 The Future of Contextual Advertising
03-21-2006 The Power of Blogging
03-20-2006 Bad News on a Monday
03-17-2006 Don’t Ask Unless You Really Want to Know
03-16-2006 The Reality of the Infinite Pie
03-15-2006 Today’s a Better Day
03-14-2006 A Dull Day
03-10-2006 Just In Time for Friday
03-09-2006 It’s a Business – Count Your Beans
03-08-2006 I Really Am a Heartless Bitch
03-07-2006 The Rebirth of the Press Release
03-06-2006 Cheapskates and Death of the Press Release
03-02-2006 Appealing to the Thundering Herd
03-01-2006 Are e-Books Making a Comeback?
02-28-2006 Idle Thoughts from Odd Parts of the Industry
02-27-2006 Plain Talking on Marketing Trends
02-24-2006 Broadband vs. Dial-up
02-23-2006 Effective Marketing on a Free Site
02-22-2006 Of Domain Names and Expensive Habits
02-21-2006 Can You Look in the Mirror?
02-20-2006 Twisted Search Engine Tales
02-17-2006 Listen In on our Chatter
02-16-2006 Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You
02-15-2006 I Am Now Officially Clueless!
02-14-2006 The Urge to Try Adwords
02-13-2006 A Google Weekend
02-10-2006 TGIF – Yet Again
02-09-2006 And You Thought People Watched the Football
02-08-2006 How Would You Like an 8% CTR?
02-07-2006 Cheat Google and Get Caught
02-06-2006 Ugly is Out
02-03-2006 One of Those Days
02-02-2006 The Meaning of Words
02-01-2006 January Was an Interesting Month
01-27-2006 It Isn’t Getting Any Better
01-26-2006 The Unforgettable Adult Advertisement
01-25-2006 Yahoo! Gives Up the Challenge
01-24-2006 Strange Places and Important Lessons
01-23-2006 Making Dollars and Protecting Data
01-20-2006 Google Is Not Your Friend
01-19-2006 Blackmail Hits the Million Dollar Homepage
01-18-2006 Wasting Big Dollars
01-17-2006 Only a Split Second
01-16-2006 Three Billion Page Views a Month
01-13-2006 A Coming Flood of Astroturfing?
01-12-2006 Newbies and Traffic in 2006
01-11-2006 Getting Out of the Sandbox
01-10-2006 Disturb, Trouble and Irritate
01-09-2006 A Real Live Snake Oil Salesman
01-06-2006 Who’s Selling Earrings on Amazon?
01-04-2006 Getting Search Engine Factors Right
01-03-2006 The Separation of Adult and Mainstream
01-02-2006 Flooding My House for New Year
12-30-2005 Hot Damn, It’s Friday
12-29-2005 Thinking about Something Different
12-28-2005 A Fair Day’s Pay
12-27-2005 Changes Are Happening
12-26-2005 Banners and Smart Work
12-22-2005 It’s Only Three Sleeps till Christmas!
12-21-2005 Can We Cope With The Speed?
12-20-2005 Grumpy Me
12-19-2005 Shit Happens – Deal with It
12-16-2005 Someone Else’s Crystal Ball
12-15-2005 Micro-payments – Is It Time to Try Again?
12-14-2005 Excretions and Olfactory Odors
12-13-2005 Doing Without Pay Per Click
12-12-2005 Hard Work is Still Required
12-10-2005 Weekend Fluff
12-09-2005 The Gollum Syndrome
12-07-2005 Selling and Surfing
12-06-2005 Stuck in a Rut
12-05-2005 Behind the Ethical Veneer of Mainstream
12-01-2005 How much is a Visitor Worth?
11-30-2005 Cyber Crime – A Label We Don’t Want
11-29-2005 Pornography – Empowering Women
11-28-2005 Landing Page Conversions
11-25-2005 Thanks for the Past - Now Look to the Future
11-24-2005 An Advertising Challenge
11-23-2005 Search is Growing Bigger
11-22-2005 Staying in Touch
11-21-2005 The Christmas Outlook
11-17-2005 Genuine Email Marketing
11-16-2005 Getting the Most Out of Adwords
11-15-2005 Use the Words Young Jedi
11-14-2005 Can You Meet the Challenge?
11-12-2005 Something to Ponder This Saturday
11-10-2005 Advertising and Traffic
11-09-2005 It Will Do
11-08-2005 Building for Mainstream
11-07-2005 Stuck in the Days of the Wild West
11-04-2005 Friday’s This and That
11-03-2005 Selling Fantasies
11-02-2005 Post Halloween Scariness
11-01-2005 Don’t Sing the Blue Screen Blues
10-31-2005 It’s the World Wide Web so Think Big
10-28-2005 There’s More to Life Than Money
10-27-2005 The Monster is Awakening
10-26-2005 Adsense is Not Easy Money
10-25-2005 Remember When …
10-24-2005 What’s Your MTBU?
10-21-2005 Has Google Gone Mad?
10-19-2005 I’ve Been Awake Too Long
10-18-2005 This and That
10-17-2005 Being More Productive
10-14-2005 I Officially Announce That It’s Friday
10-13-2005 Another Dot Com Bubble?
10-12-2005 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
10-11-2005 Web 2.0
10-10-2005 Hosting Hassles
10-07-2005 $25 Million for a Blog?
10-06-2005 Clients both Fat and Thin
10-05-2005 The Bad Guys Are Winning
10-04-2005 A Strong Web or Weak Links
10-03-2005 Get Real – Ban Words!
09-30-2005 Unusual Bedfellows
09-29-2005 Email Marketing and Establishing Trust
09-28-2005 Commercial Emails and Hairy Ass Gay Stories
09-27-2005 Go Looking For New Ideas
09-26-2005 We’re Just Plain Dumb!
09-22-2005 Selling It by the Pixel
09-21-2005 Pay Per Click and Pay Per Action
09-20-2005 It’s One of Those Days
09-19-2005 Receiving Absolution from Google
09-16-2005 Have We Finally Arrived at Friday?
09-15-2005 Wandering Around the Net
09-14-2005 Do Sponsors Really Care?
09-13-2005 The New Challenge of the Internet
09-09-2005 Friday Sweet Friday
09-07-2005 Statistics Are Your Friend
09-06-2005 Quality over Price - Every Time
09-05-2005 Thinking Rather Than Doing
09-02-2005 When Should We Start Praying to Google?
09-01-2005 Look Beyond Your Immediate Horizon
08-31-2005 Making Sure Your Business Survives
08-30-2005 Google is Becoming More Transparent
08-29-2005 Buying Smoke, Mirrors and Fantasy
08-26-2005 Of This and That
08-25-2005 A Simple Question that’s Hard to Answer
08-24-2005 Is This the Future of Advertising?
08-23-2005 Keeping Up With the Search Engines
08-22-2005 Back to Eyetrack III
08-19-2005 It’s Time You Got a Life
08-18-2005 Marketing and Membership Retention in a Whale Boat
08-17-2005 Are We All Clueless
08-16-2005 An Exception to Every Rule
08-15-2005 What Do Surfers Look At?
08-11-2005 Market Research?
08-10-2005 Pondering Google Myths and Marketing
08-09-2005 Who Owns Our Market Place?
08-08-2005 Dancing With the Devil
08-03-2005 It’s Not Too Late to go Blogging
08-02-2005 It Takes Time to Make Money
08-01-2005 It Costs Money to Make Money
07-29-2005 Hitting Critical Mass
07-28-2005 Beware the Handler of Pans
07-27-2005 Another Plea for Professionalism
07-26-2005 It’s All About Marketing
07-25-2005 What is Important to Your Business?
07-21-2005 Diversity – A Key to Survival?
07-20-2005 Copywriting Framework
07-19-2005 Words and Marketing
07-18-2005 It’s Just the Beginning
07-15-2005 A Little Project - Part 3
07-14-2005 A Little Project - Part 2
07-13-2005 A Little Project for Your Consideration
07-12-2005 It’s Hurricane Season
07-11-2005 Will We Ever Win?
07-08-2005 Starting Out
07-07-2005 Coping With Change
07-06-2005 Have Patience Grasshopper
07-05-2005 Doing Business Professionally
07-04-2005 The Clouds Are Gathering
07-01-2005 The Revenge of the Trees
06-30-2005 Establishing Your Business
06-29-2005 Asking the Right Questions
06-28-2005 Working Away From Home
06-27-2005 More about Google
06-24-2005 The Evil Day is at Hand
06-23-2005 June 23
06-22-2005 Too Nice? Too Bad!
06-21-2005 Friends and Disasters
06-17-2005 A Sordid Little Secret
06-16-2005 Compliance Day is Drawing Nearer
06-15-2005 Far More Addictive Than Porn
06-14-2005 Keeping In Touch With Friends and Enemies
06-13-2005 I’ve Heard It All Before
06-10-2005 $2.00 Garbage
06-09-2005 It’s All about Survival
06-08-2005 We’re being Conned!
06-07-2005 Face the Challenge of 2257
06-06-2005 Waiting For Sponsors' Announcements
06-03-2005 Taking a Stress Test
06-02-2005 Show Me the Money Honey
06-01-2005 Let the Buyer Beware!
05-31-2005 Forget 2257 – Gimme a Blue Screen!
05-30-2005 On the Horns of a Dilemma
05-26-2005 It’s Your Future
05-25-2005 The Regulations Have Been Revealed
05-24-2005 Inflated Conversion Ratios
05-23-2005 I Think I Missed the Weekend
05-20-2005 Hard Work or Playing Games
05-19-2005 Where is the Replay Button?
05-18-2005 Time to Get Serious
05-17-2005 Take Time to Love Your Family
05-16-2005 Being Too Successful is Just a Bitch
05-12-2005 Oh Silly Me
05-11-2005 Why Question Big Numbers?
05-10-2005 Balancing Productivity and Cost
05-09-2005 You Need to Walk Your Own Path
05-06-2005 The Week a Sponsor Would Like to Forget
05-05-2005 The Devil is in the Detail
05-04-2005 Get Into Reality
05-03-2005 Porn Sites – The Good, The Bad and Geocities
04-29-2005 The Threat to Our Industry is Still There
04-28-2005 Summer Is Coming – Don’t Panic!
04-27-2005 Anti Social Behavior
04-26-2005 Short Sighted or Just Plain Stupid
04-25-2005 Who Owns Your Traffic?
04-22-2005 I’m a Mercenary Bitch
04-21-2005 Ebbs and Flows
04-20-2005 Bimbos and Marketing Gurus
04-19-2005 How Thick is Your Skin?
04-18-2005 A Model of Respect
04-14-2005 Writers and Designers
04-13-2005 Billing Companies Suck
04-12-2005 Teaching Success
04-11-2005 It’s All a Learning Curve
04-08-2005 Are We About To Implode?
04-07-2005 Press Releases
04-06-2005 Ultra Conservative, Dull and Boring
04-05-2005 Chickens and Feather Dusters
04-04-2005 Affiliate Manager 101
04-01-2005 A Drama-Filled Week
03-31-2005 Meeting the Quality Test
03-30-2005 Selling to the Gullible
03-29-2005 Don’t Give Up!
03-28-2005 Saving Money or Wasting Time
03-24-2005 Retaining Members
03-23-2005 Selling Niches and Cars
03-22-2005 We’re Fooling Ourselves
03-21-2005 Situational Ethics
03-17-2005 Making Tough Decisions
03-16-2005 Dental Phobia
03-15-2005 Sponsors and Marketing
03-14-2005 Spamming and Soccer Games
03-11-2005 Working From Home Can Be Tough
03-10-2005 Women In The Industry
03-09-2005 You Can Sometimes be Very Right and Still be the Loser
03-08-2005 Honesty and Integrity in Advertising
03-07-2005 It’s All Tribal
03-03-2005 Marketing Madness
03-02-2005 The Top Nation on the Planet for Credit Card Fraud is ….
03-01-2005 A Mirror Image of Online Porn
02-28-2005 The Realities of Blogging
02-25-2005 Statistics and Driving a Cab
02-24-2005 Logical Spam
02-23-2005 Discrimination and Distance Selling?
02-22-2005 Traffic and Sales
02-21-2005 Drama Queens and Industry Marketing
02-18-2005 Pssst! Wanna Buy a Link List?
02-17-2005 Eating Humble Pie
02-16-2005 Selling Pineapples
02-15-2005 It’s Depressing
02-14-2005 Of Penguins and Sponsors
02-11-2005 Buying Your Way Out of the Sandbox
02-10-2005 A Few Passing Thoughts
02-09-2005 It’s Time We Went Retro
02-08-2005 Reputation is Still Everything
02-07-2005 Industry Soul Searching
02-04-2005 Caveat Emptor
02-03-2005 It’s Only Words
02-02-2005 Relying On Others
02-01-2005 It’s All About Making Sales
01-31-2005 Loyalty
01-27-2005 It’s Serious Business
01-26-2005 Humble But Incredibly Effective
01-25-2005 Advertising Your Business
01-24-2005 Getting Noticed
01-21-2005 Taking the Challenge
01-20-2005 The No Word
01-19-2005 Keeping the Cash Flowing
01-18-2005 It’s All about Cash Flow
01-17-2005 24/7 Hell
01-14-2005 Stay Tuned For More
01-13-2005 Outsourcing and Industrial Suicide
01-12-2005 The Can Spam Act Hits Adult
01-11-2005 What Attracts You to a Sponsor?
01-10-2005 A Plea to Sponsors
01-07-2005 So You Want to Start a Link List?
01-06-2005 A Modern Day Parable Sans Fish
01-05-2005 Due Diligence Pays
01-04-2005 Link Trades – It’s All About Equality
01-03-2005 Time to Get Back to Work
12-30-2004 2005 – The Crystal Ball
12-29-2004 Can Domain Names be Critical?
12-28-2004 We Are Not Fools
12-27-2004 Integrity and Ethics – You Can’t Write a Script For Those
12-23-2004 Christmas is Just About Here
12-22-2004 Nothing Ever Changes
12-21-2004 More Billing Company Woes
12-20-2004 A New Link List Script
12-17-2004 A Plea for Professionalism
12-16-2004 iBill Needs the Mercy Rule
12-15-2004 The Brutal Reality of Writing for Adult Online
12-14-2004 Making Money with Google Adwords
12-13-2004 Sponsor Content and How to Get Burned
12-09-2004 Poor Communication Costs
12-08-2004 Time and Motion
12-07-2004 Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
12-06-2004 Creative and Commercial
12-03-2004 Money Problems and White Knights
12-02-2004 Partners or Leeches?
12-01-2004 Making Money When You’re Sick
11-30-2004 Message Boards for Research and Retention
11-29-2004 Got An Idea to Sell?
11-25-2004 It’s Thanksgiving
11-24-2004 Keep It Simple Stupid
11-23-2004 The Reality of Fantasy
11-22-2004 A Bet Each Way
11-19-2004 Shop till You Drop
11-18-2004 Taking IE into the Fast Lane
11-17-2004 Things Are Getting Tougher
11-16-2004 Juggling Over Niagara Falls
11-15-2004 A Heavy Weekend
11-11-2004 Changing Times
11-10-2004 It Isn’t Party Time Yet
11-09-2004 Sometimes I Need Coffee
11-08-2004 Fire Fire Fire!
11-05-2004 To Survive You Have To Grow
11-04-2004 Link List Credibility
11-03-2004 Putting Some Personality Back Into Business
11-02-2004 Searching Your Way to Insanity
11-01-2004 Why Do I Do It?
10-29-2004 Going It Alone
10-28-2004 It’s Time for Something New
10-27-2004 Is iBill Your Perfect Match?
10-26-2004 I’m Feeling Grumpy
10-25-2004 Weekend Happenings
10-22-2004 Reputation Is Everything – Or Is It?
10-21-2004 Mobile Phone Porn
10-20-2004 Sponsors and Account Managers
10-19-2004 Rely Only On Yourself
10-18-2004 Keeping Up With the News
10-14-2004 Double Standards
10-13-2004 Hiring, Firing and Growing Your Business
10-12-2004 What Next?
10-11-2004 Computer Security – What a Joke!
10-08-2004 Another Interesting Week
10-07-2004 Giving Away Market Share
10-06-2004 Marketing Is More than Skin Deep
10-05-2004 The Charge Back Monster Is About to Strike
10-04-2004 Color and Ratio
10-01-2004 It’s Just Common Sense and Logic
09-29-2004 Don’t Believe Everything You Read
09-28-2004 Branding
09-27-2004 Can Asian Outsourcing Survive?
09-24-2004 Plan for the Future
09-23-2004 24 Hours Later
09-22-2004 Yesterday a Sponsor – Tomorrow a Billing Company?
09-21-2004 Turbulent Times
09-20-2004 An Interesting Weekend
09-17-2004 More Review Site Thoughts
09-16-2004 Review Sites – Passed Their Use-By Date?
09-15-2004 It’s Time To Come Out Into the Real World
09-14-2004 More About Search Engines
09-13-2004 I Took the Bait
09-09-2004 The Terms Are Beginning to Change
09-08-2004 Keyword Paranoia
09-07-2004 And You Thought Things Were Tough!
09-06-2004 Is That All There Is?
09-03-2004 Friday Thoughts
09-02-2004 Innovators Apply Here
09-01-2004 Ten Tips For Today’s Newbies
08-30-2004 Promoting Your Online Business
08-27-2004 Business Is Booming
08-26-2004 Life in the Real World
08-25-2004 Smart Webmasters Will Survive
08-24-2004 The Future For Newbie Boards
08-23-2004 Of Writers and Scribblers
08-20-2004 The Quick Buck Merchants
08-19-2004 Tough Guys and Wimps.
08-18-2004 Decisions, Decisions.
08-17-2004 I’ve Been Waiting Eight Months For An Order
08-16-2004 A Scribe’s Scribbling
08-13-2004 The Legal Obligations of Webmaster Boards.
08-11-2004 Another Billing Company Bites The Dust
08-10-2004 Professional Writers – A Scarce Resource in Online Adult
08-09-2004 Looking Outside the Box
08-06-2004 Of This and That
08-05-2004 Constancy of Purpose Also Means Time Management
08-04-2004 Constancy of Purpose
08-03-2004 More of the Same Old Same Old
08-02-2004 Philadelphia Lawyers – Free Advice That Costs
07-30-2004 Some Interesting Facts and Figures
07-29-2004 Summertime Blues
07-28-2004 Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
07-27-2004 It’s Time to See a Lawyer
07-26-2004 Never Give Up
07-22-2004 Micro-payments – Has Their Time Arrived?
07-21-2004 What If The Three Little Pigs Did Porn?
07-20-2004 Ignorance Is Never Really Bliss
07-19-2004 Will the Sky Fall on August 24
07-15-2004 Norton and Adsense
07-14-2004 Changes to IE Being Rolled Out
07-13-2004 Summer Slowdown? Not at Newbie Webmasters!
07-12-2004 It Sucks to be a Newbie
07-09-2004 Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
07-08-2004 The Hidden Joys of Internet Marketing
07-07-2004 You Have to Pay More Than Beer Money
07-06-2004 Something for the Newbies and Something for the Rest of Us
07-05-2004 Adult vs. Mainstream
07-02-2004 Paranoia – Survival in the Wild
07-01-2004 Is The Time Right To Go Fulltime?
06-30-2004 We Won … Or Did We?
06-29-2004 But it’s Boring and Repetitive
06-28-2004 Damn – COPA Might Be Upon Us and It’s Only Monday
06-24-2004 Message Board Angst
06-23-2004 A Webmaster’s Ultimate Sin
06-22-2004 Outsourcing – Salvation or Damnation
06-21-2004 Just DO IT!
06-18-2004 Branding – Thinking Out Loud
06-17-2004 The Elvis Factor
06-16-2004 Downsizing, Is It On The Horizon
06-15-2004 Why Not Have a Play in Mainstream?
06-14-2004 Make Time For the Important Things In Life!
06-11-2004 Garbage In Garbage Out?
06-10-2004 Common Problems
06-09-2004 Lessons to be Learned From Non Adult
06-08-2004 Search Engine Kinks
06-07-2004 Standing Out in the Crowd
06-04-2004 Narrow Your Focus
06-03-2004 The Key Is Still Effective Advertising
06-02-2004 Which is the Right Way?
06-01-2004 Maybe It’s Time To Get A Job
05-31-2004 Don’t Put All Your Traffic In One Basket
05-27-2004 Interesting Stats and Business Decisions
05-26-2004 It Can Happen To Every Affiliate
05-25-2004 The Monster Inside Your Head
05-24-2004 An Interesting Weekend
05-21-2004 Damn It’s Friday
05-20-2004 New Computers
05-19-2004 Bellicosity and Attrition
05-18-2004 Avoiding Immutable Laws of the Universe
05-17-2004 Back Ups – The Cheapest Insurance You Will Ever Get
05-14-2004 It’s Review Time
05-13-2004 Trapped in 468x60
05-12-2004 Paid Free Site Submissions – It’s Time
05-11-2004 Try a Different Design
05-10-2004 Try Something Outside the Box
05-07-2004 A Major Link List Has Closed Its Submission Page
05-06-2004 Selling to Surfers You Don’t Have
05-05-2004 Selling – It’s Not Just Porn
05-04-2004 Are You Mature or Just a Sheep?
05-03-2004 I’ve Got A Little List
04-30-2004 Poor Sales and the Demise of Content Lotto
04-29-2004 Go Can Spam!
04-28-2004 Cheating or Good Marketing Techniques?
04-27-2004 Times Are Tough - So Get To Work
04-26-2004 Don’t Get Caught Speeding
04-23-2004 Headline Pulling Power
04-22-2004 HEADLINE NEWS!!
04-21-2004 It Just Makes You Wonder
04-20-2004 What Sort of Advertising Should We Use?
04-19-2004 Making Sales Or Giving It Away For Free
04-15-2004 The Dynamic Challenge
04-14-2004 How Do You Choose a Site To Sell?
04-13-2004 Spring Clean Your Brain
04-12-2004 Don’t Check Your Brain at the Door
04-08-2004 Roughing It On Webmaster Boards
04-07-2004 Nothing to Write About
04-06-2004 How Not to Kiss Ass
04-05-2004 Survival Time for Affiliates and Sponsors
04-02-2004 Hedging Your Bets
04-01-2004 Is This The Best the Industry Can Do?
03-31-2004 A Cure For Industry Boredom!
03-30-2004 Due Diligence
03-29-2004 Sig Space Sold!
03-25-2004 Written Work – It’s Coming of Age
03-24-2004 The Sharks Are Out There Circling
03-23-2004 Big News, Little News and a Philosophical Question
03-22-2004 Google – Is It Relevant?
03-18-2004 Minimalists Rule!
03-17-2004 Is Google Changing Direction?
03-16-2004 Building For The Future
03-15-2004 Another Sponsor Gone
03-12-2004 Do You Have a Clue?
03-11-2004 Review Sites - Reviewed
03-10-2004 Short Term Success or Long Term Failure?
03-09-2004 Adult Marketing – Stuck In The Dark Ages?
03-08-2004 Salesmen and Wet Paper Bags
03-04-2004 Board Personas – For Those Too Weak to be Real
03-03-2004 Sponsor Spin
03-02-2004 Copywriting – It’s Almost Better Than Sex
03-01-2004 One Hundred Thousand Changes With The Press of One Key
02-27-2004 Make Your Own ARS Banner
02-26-2004 Who Are The Real Leaders Here?
02-25-2004 An Open Letter to Marc De and ARS
02-24-2004 Changes at ARS
02-23-2004 Free Site Design 3
02-21-2004 Free Site Design 2
02-20-2004 Free Site Design
02-19-2004 When Things Change
02-18-2004 Webmaster Gatherings – The Only Place To Be Seen
02-17-2004 The Internet Skid Row
02-16-2004 Solar Billing – Will It Crash and Burn Like All the Others?
02-14-2004 Search Engines – They Are Vital To Your Success
02-12-2004 Going Troppo On The Beach
02-11-2004 Paysite Considerations
02-10-2004 A Week on the Net
02-09-2004 Writing Is A Scarey Business
02-06-2004 Presidential Campaigns to Sell Porn
02-05-2004 Blogging Builds Community Spirit – Yeah Right!
02-04-2004 Blog Your Way to Fame and Fortune
02-03-2004 Carpe Diem
02-02-2004 What About The Rest Of The Industry
01-30-2004 More Thoughts For Paysite Owners
01-29-2004 Membership Retention Is Reaching Critical Mass
01-28-2004 Sig Space For Sale
01-27-2004 More On The Dreaded Email
01-26-2004 Australian Webmaster Gathering
01-22-2004 The Dreaded Email
01-21-2004 Cannon Fodder
01-20-2004 Flattening the Porn Roller Coaster
01-19-2004 Billing and Email
01-15-2004 What Will You Do When the World Ends?
01-14-2004 Internet Amateurs – The Modern Day Amish?
01-13-2004 Acacia’s Blowtorch
01-12-2004 Building Your First Free Site – Part 9
01-08-2004 Building Your First Free Site - Part 8
01-07-2004 Building Your First Free Site - Part 7
01-06-2004 Building Your First Free Site - Part 6
01-05-2004 Building Your First Free Site - Part 5
01-02-2004 Building Your First Free Site Pt. 4
01-01-2004 Building Your First Free Site Pt. 3
12-30-2003 Building Your First Free Site - Part 2
12-29-2003 Building Your First Free Site - Pt. 1
12-26-2003 There is Life Without Internext
12-24-2003 The Job’s Not Over Till It’s Over
12-23-2003 A Change is as Good as a Holiday
12-22-2003 Spam – A Legal Monster is Created
12-19-2003 Will It Fly?
12-18-2003 Think Mainstream
12-17-2003 It’s Time to Talk About Burnout Again
12-16-2003 Business Survival
12-15-2003 Effective Communications
12-12-2003 Build But Don’t Forget
12-11-2003 Don’t Under Value Yourself
12-10-2003 It Would Have Been Better Without The Pictures
12-09-2003 It’s Different For Us Foreigners
12-08-2003 Aussie Webmaster Gathering – Be There Or Be Square
12-04-2003 Smoke and Mirrors
12-03-2003 The Google Morph
12-02-2003 Improvise Adapt and Overcome Revisited
12-01-2003 Is There Any Integrity Left In the Industry?
11-28-2003 Stories – and How To Use Them
11-27-2003 Expanding Markets and Saving Money
11-26-2003 Being In Touch With Reality
11-25-2003 Entrenched Problems
11-24-2003 Porn Inspector – Keeping the Surfer Informed
11-21-2003 Of This and That
11-20-2003 Google Lessons
11-19-2003 The Lessons of Adult Check
11-18-2003 Defeat is for Losers
11-17-2003 Agents
11-14-2003 When A Sponsor Goes Bad
11-13-2003 Retaining Members – Part 2
11-12-2003 Retaining Members
11-11-2003 Paysite Design and Increasing Sales
11-10-2003 Broadband v Dial-up
11-07-2003 Industry Jitters
11-06-2003 Marketing – It’s More Than Selling To The Surfer
11-05-2003 Junk – It’s All Too Valuable to Throw Away
11-04-2003 Cheap or Quality – You Can’t Have It Both Ways
11-03-2003 Spamming and Scamming
10-30-2003 The Gods Must Be Crazy – Why Do They Do It?
10-29-2003 Newbie Fantasies
10-28-2003 FPA – A New Way to Spell "Dollars"
10-27-2003 Little Red Riding Hood and Other Applicable Fables
10-24-2003 Life After Acacia
10-23-2003 Buying a Black Hole
10-22-2003 Increasing the Bottom Line For Paysite Owners
10-21-2003 There Are No Quick Ways To Make Money Here
10-20-2003 Where Do You Draw the Line?
10-16-2003 Prince or Pauper – It’s All In The Traffic
10-15-2003 Killing A Business
10-14-2003 Click Here
10-13-2003 Do Unto Others
10-09-2003 Revisiting the Newbie Boards
10-08-2003 Automate or Create
10-07-2003 Beauty Is In The Eye of the Beholder
10-06-2003 Don’t Shoot The Messenger
10-03-2003 Get It In Writing
10-02-2003 Paysites and Poor Conversions
10-01-2003 Surviving Bad Advice
09-30-2003 Spam – A Hidden Resource
09-29-2003 Marketing – That’s All That Matters
09-25-2003 Wasting Time and Money
09-24-2003 Improvise, Adapt and Overcome
09-23-2003 Making Money Continually
09-22-2003 Of Boards and Bunkum
09-18-2003 Good Written Work Comes At A Cost
09-17-2003 Innovation and Basics
09-16-2003 We Live and Work In Interesting Times
09-15-2003 Steve’s Been Skinning Cats Again
09-12-2003 Power Words –Discover the Proven Results
09-11-2003 It’s Words Too – Not Just Pictures
09-10-2003 A Hooker’s Virtual Condom
09-09-2003 Another Billing Company Bites The Dust
09-08-2003 Where To From Here?
09-05-2003 Customer Service – It Won’t Work Miracles
09-04-2003 Looks Are Nothing in This Industry
09-03-2003 When a Server is Turned Off
09-02-2003 Making Money
09-01-2003 Keeping the Oldies Off the Park Benches
08-28-2003 Old Friends on Park Benches
08-27-2003 Marketing
08-26-2003 But They Are Only Words?
08-25-2003 Of This And That
08-22-2003 It’s Friday Again
08-21-2003 See Sig!
08-20-2003 What is Wrong With Newbies?
08-19-2003 Domain Names Can Tell You a Lot About People
08-18-2003 Credibility?
08-15-2003 Shit – But It Could Happen Any Day of the Week
08-14-2003 Traffic Creation – A Silk Purse From a Sow’s Ear
08-13-2003 Even More Legal Matters
08-12-2003 More Legal Questions
08-11-2003 Sobering News From Internext
08-07-2003 Even More Sharks Are Out There
08-06-2003 Swimming With Sharks
08-05-2003 Go Play in the Traffic!
08-04-2003 The Start of an Interesting Week?
08-01-2003 Friday Bloody Friday
07-31-2003 Still More Upheavals …… and Tomorrow is Friday
07-30-2003 Internext – More Than Drunken Parties
07-28-2003 Marie’s Immutable Law of Excrement – Shit Happens on Fridays
07-25-2003 What’s Happening With Link Lists?
07-24-2003 Succeeding Without Cheating
07-23-2003 Always Be Prepared For The Worst
07-22-2003 Logical Thinking – Does Anyone In IT Do It Anymore?
07-21-2003 Charge Backs – Who Pays For Them?
07-17-2003 This And That
07-16-2003 Time Wasting
07-15-2003 How Not to Over-Sell a Site and Still Remain Competitive
07-14-2003 Further Implications from the Epoch Announcement
07-11-2003 The Shit Hits the Fan
07-10-2003 Traffic Brokers and Gallery Design
07-09-2003 The News Just Keeps Getting Better
07-08-2003 How Tight is Your Comfort Zone?
07-07-2003 Is This How Life Was Meant To Be?
07-04-2003 July 4th and the Hacker Olympics
07-03-2003 More Challenges From Visa
07-02-2003 Maximising Your Traffic With Full Page Ads
07-01-2003 The Way To Make A Sale
06-30-2003 Traffic Brokers
06-27-2003 Site Design – Broadband v Dial Up
06-26-2003 More About Traffic
06-25-2003 Of Demon Drink and AVS
06-24-2003 The Gay Marketplace
06-23-2003 AVS – Visa’s Latest Target
06-20-2003 Dealing With Stolen Content
06-19-2003 Starting At The Top
06-18-2003 Tale of Two Newbie Boards
06-17-2003 Can You Survive Without a URL?
06-16-2003 Of Massive Cocks and Google Dances
06-13-2003 The Final Bits of the Adult Webmaster’s Toolkit
06-12-2003 Hosting – the Foundation of Every Webmaster's Business
06-11-2003 More Tools For The Toolkit
06-10-2003 The Webmaster’s Tool Kit
06-09-2003 Was Alice In Wonderland Ever As Crazy As This Biz?
06-06-2003 Cultural Diversity and Doing Business on the Internet
06-04-2003 Quality Control – Does Any Sponsor Do It?
06-03-2003 Teens – Much Ado About Not Much
06-02-2003 I've Galleried Myself to Death
05-29-2003 Tunnel Vision
05-28-2003 Summertime Is Building Time For Winter
05-27-2003 I Should Not Have Got Out of Bed
05-26-2003 Is It Just Me Or Has the Industry Just Gone Insane?
05-23-2003 Oh Shit It’s Friday
05-22-2003 2257 From a Lawyer
05-20-2003 More About Paysites
05-19-2003 Low-Life Password Thieves
05-16-2003 Starting a Paysite Part 1
05-15-2003 Interview with Craig and Justin from Focus Adult Content
05-14-2003 It’s All About Communication
05-13-2003 Why Do We Do It?
05-12-2003 Of Skinning Cats and Plagiarism
05-09-2003 It’s Not Public Domain Despite What Others Might Think
05-08-2003 Sponsors and Their Support People
05-07-2003 Search Engine Reality
05-06-2003 Incontrovertible Truth and the Herd Mentality
05-05-2003 Obligations – Legal and Moral
05-02-2003 Is it Really Friday?
05-01-2003 But They Are Only Words!
04-29-2003 Interview with Greenguy from Link-O-Rama
04-28-2003 Interview With Mark Tiarra from LUMYR
04-24-2003 Start Building Your Own Traffic Flows Now!
04-23-2003 The Chicken or The Sale – The Traffic or The Egg
04-22-2003 The Changing Face of the Industry
04-18-2003 It Is Finally Starting to Happen
04-17-2003 Interview with baddog of SexPicturesPass
04-16-2003 K I S S
04-15-2003 Tough Times
04-14-2003 In-box Blues
04-11-2003 What Really Sells?
04-10-2003 Partnerships and Porn
04-09-2003 Webmaster of the Year Competition from AdultChamber.
04-08-2003 I Thought TGP2 Died?
04-07-2003 Thieves and Sleazy Conmen
04-04-2003 Adult Centro
04-03-2003 Webmaster Of The Year – 1
04-02-2003 Caveat Emptor
04-01-2003 Adult Search Engines – A Business Bonanza Waiting to Happen?
03-27-2003 Everflux – it’s not a hot water system
03-26-2003 The Gold Rush is Still On
03-25-2003 Revolving Doors
03-24-2003 Who Said Search Engines Were Boring?
03-21-2003 Another Crazy Friday
03-20-2003 Dodgy Billing Companies
03-19-2003 The Internet Goes to War
03-18-2003 War Clouds
03-17-2003 Sponsors and Their Support People
03-14-2003 INCOMING!!!!!!!!!
03-13-2003 The Anatomy of a Free Site
03-12-2003 Just What Are Message Boards For? - Part 2
03-11-2003 Just What Are Message Boards For?
03-10-2003 Another One Bites the Dust
03-07-2003 Bits and Pieces
03-06-2003 Ice Packs and Getting Rich Quick
03-05-2003 How’s Your Business Going Mate?
03-04-2003 Interview with Cool Egypt from Three Pillows
03-01-2003 Interview with Like Whoa
02-28-2003 The Sky is Falling – Or Is That Just a Rumor?
02-27-2003 A Health Check
02-26-2003 Interview with Jason from Image Auction - Part 2
02-25-2003 Interview with Jason from ImageAuction – Part 1
02-24-2003 We Need Some Transparency Here
02-22-2003 Interview With Jeremy from Richard’s Realm Pt. 2
02-21-2003 Interview with Jeremy from Richard’s Realm
02-20-2003 Interview with Security_Man from
02-19-2003 The Sky Isn’t Falling (But There Might Be Cracks Up There)
02-18-2003 Interview with Lady Mischief – Part 2
02-17-2003 Interview with Lady Mischief – Part 1
02-14-2003 Legalese on a Friday?
02-13-2003 A Lesson From GFY
02-12-2003 Self-Regulation Anyone?
02-11-2003 Webmaster Traffic - Interview with Baddog from
02-10-2003 Handling Multiple Billing Options
02-07-2003 It’s Different Every Day
02-06-2003 Spam – the Scourge of the World
02-05-2003 It's the Law - Interview with A J Comparetto of
02-04-2003 The Surfer Is Not My Friend
02-03-2003 Do Your Homework
01-30-2003 Why Do They Do It?
01-29-2003 Working Too Hard
01-28-2003 Beware!! Shark Infested Waters
01-27-2003 Commercial Secrets
01-26-2003 Buying Traffic
01-25-2003 Are You Secure?
01-22-2003 Simply Amazing
01-21-2003 Protecting What is Mine
01-20-2003 What is Your Contingency Plan?
01-17-2003 Selling – Regardless of Niche
01-15-2003 Some Days You Just Have to Take a Break
01-14-2003 Sometimes I Am Just Amazed
01-13-2003 Misconceptions
01-10-2003 Promoting a Paysite
01-09-2003 Marketing, It’s Always Marketing
01-08-2003 More Paysite Ponderings
01-07-2003 The Next Big Thing?
01-06-2003 Partying or Working
01-03-2003 It Just Doesn’t Seem Like Friday
01-02-2003 Isolation on the World Wide Web
01-01-2003 Work Smarter Not Harder
12-30-2002 Hindsight/Foresight
12-27-2002 A Spam Free Christmas
12-24-2002 Alternative Marketing
12-23-2002 Pay Site Thoughts
12-20-2002 Why Does Shit Always Happen on a Friday
12-19-2002 I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends
12-18-2002 Interview with baddog from Adult Login
12-17-2002 Interview with Tue from
12-16-2002 Of This and That
12-13-2002 Gallery Design
12-12-2002 Newbie Boards 101
12-11-2002 The Times Are Changing
12-10-2002 Plain Speaking
12-09-2002 Marketing – the Never Ending Story
12-06-2002 Where's My Free Lunch
12-05-2002 What Do I Write Next
12-04-2002 Shaven Sponsors
12-03-2002 Interview with Shemp from
12-02-2002 Alternate Traffic Sources
11-29-2002 TGPs – Love Them or Leave Them
11-28-2002 Thanksgiving
11-27-2002 Diversification
11-26-2002 Scripts – They’re More Than One Act Plays
11-25-2002 Keep Your Good Name
11-23-2002 Is Your Business in Good Hands?
11-21-2002 Content for Newbies
11-20-2002 Reliability
11-19-2002 Getting Listed
11-18-2002 WOOO HOOO – I Rated a Thread on GFY!!
11-15-2002 Stone all False Gurus
11-14-2002 Decisions – Time to Decide If You Want Your Business to Grow
11-13-2002 Marketing
11-12-2002 Beyond Ugly
11-11-2002 I HATE FREE
11-08-2002 Procrastination
11-07-2002 Is there Success With TGPs?
11-06-2002 Robin Hood or Scum-sucking Slime?
11-05-2002 Interview with NameCritic from
11-04-2002 Living in a Dreamworld
11-01-2002 Advanced Submitter Review
10-30-2002 No Guts, No Glory
10-29-2002 Billing Options – Exciting Times
10-28-2002 Billing Company Blues
10-25-2002 Cheating Webmasters
10-24-2002 Odd People
10-23-2002 Fooling the Search Engines
10-22-2002 Be Loose, Baby!
10-21-2002 Wooo Hooo! It’s Monday
10-18-2002 Another TGIF
10-17-2002 Of Newbies and Cheating
10-16-2002 Going Full Time II
10-15-2002 Going Full Time
10-14-2002 Burn-out
10-11-2002 Growing Your Pay Site III
10-10-2002 Growing Your Pay Site II
10-09-2002 Growing a Pay Site
10-08-2002 Don’t Give Up
10-07-2002 Exciting Times to be Doing Business
10-04-2002 Panic Networking and Sanity
10-03-2002 Visa, Billing Companies and All That Crap
10-02-2002 Realistic Expectations for a Newbie
10-01-2002 Black Lists
09-30-2002 More on Search Engines
09-27-2002 Doin' the Google Dance
09-26-2002 Hey Pimps Are You Looking After Your Girls?
09-25-2002 Marie's Paysite Walkthrough - Pt 3
09-24-2002 Marie's Paysite Tour - Pt 2
09-23-2002 One Woman Band
09-20-2002 A Peek Into the Life of a Hooker
09-19-2002 Illusions – Is This All Real or Just a Very Messy Wet Dream
09-18-2002 View From the Bottom of the Planet
09-17-2002 A Cure for Boredom
09-16-2002 Site Security - Keep your shit YOURS!
09-13-2002 A Newbie Experience
09-12-2002 Traffic - Finale
09-10-2002 Traffic 101 - Part 4
09-09-2002 Traffic 101 - Part 3
09-07-2002 Traffic 101 - Pt. 2
09-06-2002 Traffic 101
09-05-2002 What happens if...
09-03-2002 Where's the Adult Industry Heading?
08-31-2002 Newbie Boards
08-19-2002 Tolerance
08-13-2002 Thinking outside the Box
08-06-2002 Self Destructing Newbies
07-30-2002 More Wasting Time
07-22-2002 Why Waste Your Time?
07-15-2002 Are you loosing traffic?
07-09-2002 Webmaster Health Pt 2
07-01-2002 Gurus and Newbies
06-24-2002 Healthy Habits
06-17-2002 Do You Use Your Brain???
06-10-2002 Size Does Matter
06-03-2002 Newbie Etiquette

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