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Welcome To The Stories TGP Guide

A quick list of all the Stories tgp's we could find. Not all accept submissions but our goal is NOT to keep track of everybodys submission pages and who accepts what but to give you a broad outlook of the available TGP's out there so you can contact them yourselves for advertising deals or partner accounts, etc.. If we are missing any please submit it via our "TGP/MGP Submission" forn and we will get it added asap.

Site Name
Type Paid Spots Overture Ranking
1. A Sex Stories TGP 8,531
2. Sex Stories Post TGP 7,672
3. MC Stories TGP 2,638
4. Stories Archive TGP 442
5. Secksee TGP 95
6. Blue Stories TGP 69
7. Naked Arcade TGP 38
8. Sexy Story Links TGP 1
9. Mom Son Story TopSites 1
10. Home Made Sex Stories TGP 1
11. Hardcore Erotic Story TGP 1
12. Natura Erotica TGP 1
13. Incest Gold TGP 1
14. XXX Stories XXX TGP 1
15. Travel Story Directory TGP 1
16. A My Post TGP 1
17. Madlibs XXX TGP 1
18. Adult Free Stories TGP 1
19. Sex Audio TGP 1
20. Latina Log TGP 1
21. Sex Story Magazine Link List 1
22. Shemp's Sex Stories TGP 1

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